For today’s modern marketers to succeed, it’s important to have a unique combination of technology and creativity on-hand. However, it’s really hard to get all of these skills in a single person or even on a marketing team. We solve that problem for our clients.


Project Management

As marketers, virtually everything we do involves the completion of a project. We’re responsible for handling all aspects of your projects and serve as a single point of contact.



Paid advertising generates more opportunities. We work with clients on paid channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Analytics & Reporting

Data is important to gather, but it's more vital to understand the data. We help clients gather and report on the data that matters most.

Email Marketing and Automation

Email is still one of the best ways to reach prospects along the customer journey. We work with companies to get the most out of their marketing automation systems.

Web Development

We believe in clean code and creating websites that are simple to maintain. We use WordPress as a backbone for most client sites.


An efficient technology stack provides the data needed to make decisions. We design and set up smart stacks for growing organizations.


A clear strategy sets the path for growth. We help clients define their strategic marketing objectives.


A company's identity serves as the foundation for all communication. We help clients define and evolve their brand.

Web Design

Modern and clean web design not only enhances your brand but also leads to great conversions. We design sites with the end-user in mind.

Content Development

Compelling content helps get the most out of marketing campaigns. We not only develop the strategy, but we also create the assets for distribution.

Video Production

Video is one of the most powerful tools to use within your marketing strategy. We commit to understanding your audience and develop professional videos that make a difference. Projects range from animated videos to live-action.

Our Approach

We fully understand that marketing requirements can change in an instant. In one week, you may be preparing for an event and the next may involve the launch of a new campaign. At Motion, we are here to ensure you’re marketing is agile and constantly evolves alongside the needs of your company.



One of the first things we do is listen. It’s incredibly important to understand what sparked your project idea, identify your marketing objectives and uncover how the project fits into your overall plans.



One of our strengths is rolling up our sleeves and creating marketing content. We manage every pixel, frame or piece of text on every project. We enjoy the creative process and thrive with new challenges.



We've worked with hundreds of companies in a variety of industries. We've completed hundreds of projects. When working with you, we bring this past experience to the forefront and work to identify a course of action for your marketing projects.



Delivery is what separates us apart. We have a strong foundation in project management and have managed marketing projects for years. We understand the importance of deadlines and communicate along the way.

How Does it Work?

Your marketing requirements change constantly. If a campaign isn’t working or if you want to test something this month, you can’t wait for an entire project lifecycle to unfold. You have to be agile. You need flexibility. We make it happen.