Security Industry Association

The Security Industry Association (SIA) is the leading trade association for global security solution providers, nearly 1,000 innovative member companies representing thousands of security leaders and experts who shape the future of the security industry.
Video Production
Content Development


When working with the Security Industry Association, we were tasked to develop a range of content – from marketing to potential members to creating thought-leadership videos for the industry.

We went through a number of different creative processes to build an approach to the organization’s communication strategy, develop scripts for the videos and produce a series of both animated and live-action pieces for distribution.


Established the overall visual framework for the video content.

Conducted on-site filming sessions in New York, Washington, DC and Las Vegas.

Produced five short animated videos to serve as promotional assets for various organizational programs

Produced short podcast episodes from audio recording sessions.

Produced a series of interview-based thought leadership videos to cover industry topics.

Produced a series of interview-based videos featuring a message from the organization's leadership.