CrossFit Oldtown

CrossFit Oldtown is a 3,700 sq/ft. group training facility located two blocks from the waterfront in Oldtown Alexandria, Virginia. The CrossFit gym is owned and operated by Jerry Hill, the 2014 World CrossFit Games Champion.

Web Design
Web Development
Video Production


The purpose of this engagement involved two major initiatives. First, CrossFit Oldtown required a dynamic piece of content to fuel the engagement for potential customers in the area. Secondly, the organization required an updated web presence to replace an outdated website created nearly ten years ago. 

Motion led the development of video content for its new site, advertising initiatives and a new website design & development project.


Established the overall visual framework for the refreshed brand.

Produced a series of live action videos for use on the organization's website and on social media.

Designed and developed the organization's refreshed website in a WordPress framework.

Produced a 30-second video for use in a Facebook advertising campaign.